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2023 Timetable of Services

Anchor Services

Friday 6th                    6.30pm      Compline 

Saturday 7th               10:30am   Liturgy       Nativity of Christ


Saturday 21st              5.00pm      Vigil 

Sunday 22nd               10:30am   Liturgy       Theophany


Saturday 4th              5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 5th                 10.30am   Liturgy       Publican and Pharisee

Saturday 18th             5.00 pm    Vigil          

Sunday 19th                10.30am   Liturgy       The Last Judgement

                                                                           Followed by the Rite of Forgiveness                                                        



Saturday 4th                5.00 pm    Vigil

Sunday 5th                  10.30am   Liturgy       The Triumph of Orthodoxy         

Saturday 18th            5.00pm      Vigil          

Sunday 19th              10.30am   Liturgy      Adoration of the Cross



Saturday 8th                5.00pm      Vigil          

Sunday 9th                  10.30am   Liturgy       Palm Sunday


Tuesday 11th              6.30pm      Holy Unction (Doors open at 6.00pm)

Thursday13th              6.30pm      Twelve Passion Gospels (Doors open at 6.00pm)

Friday 14th                  6.30pm      Burial of the Lord (Doors open at 6.00pm)

Saturday 15th             11.45pm   Paschal Matins and Liturgy (Doors open at 10.45pm)



Saturday 6th               5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 7th                  10.30am   Liturgy       The Paralysed Man


Saturday 20th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 21st                10.30am   Liturgy       The Blind Man



Saturday 3rd               5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 4th                  10.30am   Liturgy       Pentecost


Saturday 17th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 18th                10.30am   Liturgy




Saturday 8th               5:00pm      Vigil

Sunday 9th                  10:30am   Liturgy


Saturday 15th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 16th                10.30am   Liturgy




Saturday 19th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 20th                10.30am   Liturgy       Transfiguration



Saturday 26th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 27th                10.30am   Liturgy       Dormition of the Mother of God




Saturday 9th                5:00           Vigil

Sunday 10th                10.30am   Liturgy


Saturday 16th             5.00pm     Vigil

Sunday 17th                10.30am   Liturgy      


Saturday 30th             5:00pm      Vigil




Sunday 1st                  10.30am   Liturgy Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross


Saturday 14th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 15th             10.30am    Liturgy




Saturday 4th                5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 5th                 10.30am   Liturgy


Saturday 18th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday19th               10.30am   Liturgy




Saturday 2nd               5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 3rd                  10.30am   Liturgy       Entry of the Mother of God


Saturday 16th             5.00pm      Vigil

Sunday 17th             10.30am    Liturgy

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